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Australia Travel Guide: Bondi with Elliot from Stab Mag.

Back in Sydney! This time I ventured to the other end of the harbor, wearing this retro tunic from Gypsy Junkies. Not wanting to end up in Bondi at a backpackers with a $12 Tooheys New in hand, I enlisted the expertise of a local. Here’s what Elliot Struck (editor of Australia’s Stab Mag) had to offer up on the subject of “hipster haunts” in Sydeny’s Bondi Beach…
* Where (not to) stay?
Elliot: Swiss Grand is, in fact, not so grand. The place is flooded with backpackers, of course.
My notes: The term “luxury”, when used as an apartment adjective, is used very loosely.
* Where to eat/drink?
Elliot: North Bondi Italian. It’s right down there on the beach, at the north end of the bay. The man who opened it, named Maurice Terzini, has also just opened a new place called Neild Avenue which is really, very awesome. They’re two musts.
Notes: Get there early, make a reservation, or just be okay with waiting. The view is amazing, and the carpaccio is even better.
If you’re shooting for Tapas, I’d recommend Mojo’s on Campbell Parade (Spanish/a lil’ bit of Basque). Or, the Flying Squirrel on Bondi Road (if you eat seafood, the handmade Dory and prawn ravioli is straight-up divine).
If you want a little weird, Canadian comfort food, go to the Stuffed Beaver (just down from Squirrel). Big-ass dawgs, poutine, burgers, frickles (deep fried dill pickles, yipe!).
There’s also the Anchor Bar, a new place on Campbell Parade, which does a pretty mean fish taco (by Aus standards). Good mexican/cocktails etc there in general, actually.
Side note: get the coconut barramundi.

After scouring the streets, and asking the same questions about the good eats / drinks to every passerby, Elliot was pretty spot on with the list. If you’re only in for a night, I’d hit up North Bondi Italian for sunset, then head to the Anchor bar for a rum cocktail of some sort, and finish up with a nightcap at Bondi Hardware- the former hardware store-turned bar.

Thanks Elliot for the fun ideas and for introducing me to the word ‘frickles.’

* About the author: Nicki is the voice inside your…SWELL emails & social networks. See more from her Australia Style & Travel Guide HERE

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