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Micro Trend: Tank’d Bikinis!
No, most certainly not tankinis. This season we’re seeing a huge crop of cropped bikini tops popping up. And we must say, we’re particularly smitten by these top/bikini hybrids. Not quite sold on this standout style? Here’s our top 5 reasons why we love the tank bikini top:

1. Stay-put-ability for surfing, bocci ball, kite-flying, and all other beach activities
2. Pair them with a high waisted bottom for a beyond the beach kit
3. Ultra flattering: this cut is great on creating, um, volume
4. They remind us of sandcastle-building days
5. Undoubtedly eye-catching, without showing too much skin

And a few of our favorites (pictured above, left to right):
- Mara Hoffman swimwear
- Tavik swimwear
- Billabong swimwear
- Basta Surf
- Tie-Dye Tavik bikini

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