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I DIY’d: Rope Bracelets (from Honestly…WTF)

Welcome to the first post of the I DIY’d series. We all find these Do It Yourself posts “Pinteresting,” but then rarely ever tackle them ourselves. Sometimes out of laziness. Sometimes out of fear of a little crafting failure. So I decided to start tackling some of my favorite style DIY projects, and post the results here. I’ll do the preliminary DIYing (aka- the DIYrty work), and come back and let you know if you should DIY, or Don’t-IY.

Attempt #1: DIY Rope Bracelets
These stackable (and last-minute Mother’s Day Gift-worthy) bracelets are made from small (1” or smaller) S hooks and some rope (or, in my case, leather cord). You can find the hooks at almost any hardware store, and the cord at a bead or craft store. I made a few extra for friendship bracelets.

  • Hardest Part? Bending the hook. Use pliers. No, not jewelry pliers. Pliers. Preferably not smooth ones.
  • Tips:
    Tip 1: See above
    Tip 2: Need some help tying the knot? Watch this video
  • Time: The first took a solid 24 minutes. Subsequent attempts? 2 minutes, 34 seconds. Approximately that is. 
  • My Spin: I used leather cord, instead of rope. I also used the same technique, but used a pretty toggle clasp in place of the S hook. 
  • Results? See photo above

Conclusion: DIY for dummies. Probably one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve tried.


Have any DIY posts you want me to test out for you? Leave a comment or send me a message!

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