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Good Prints Come in Pairs…
When you’ve grown tiered with playing it safe, play around with some print mixin’. Yes, it can go bad (think first day of dressing yourself ever bad), but anything can without a little restraint - and dare I say, guidelines. Too taboo of a word for Summer? If you’re still with me, here are a few no-fail pairs (well, never say never, but…):
- Stripes and florals, polka dots, or graphic prints
- Plaid and floral
- Dots and florals

For the visual learners, here are a few of our favorite bloggers, pulling off the print mix like pros (I guess because that just happens to be their profession).

Stripes and Sass from Viva Luxury Blog
Get the look, with a SWELL spin:
Colorblock Top
Animal Print Flats

Dots and Dashes from Atlantic Pacific Blog
Get the look, with a SWELL spin:
Quiksilver Sweater
Elemet Skirt

Ready to test it out?
Shop the Trend: Mixed Prints

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