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DIY Ombre Top
Just got finished Dye.I.Y. ing my SWELL Martina Top….as well as the upper portion of my left hand, a Christmas ham-sized portion of the lawn, and all 4 of my puppy’s paws. All in under 5 minutes. Success.

Feel like dying? A few easy steps on how to ombre dye anything:
- Get some fabric dye (I used the RIT Teal color for this) and a throw-away plastic container. I used an empty salad container. I wouldn’t recommend using a stainless steel bowl. I have a blue-tinted one from a past learning experience.
- Put on rubber gloves, or watch your back for Gargamel for the next few days
- Add water and either salt (for cotton) or vinegar (for synthetics) to the bowl. Do not dilute too much.
- Dip the very bottom portion of your fabric into the dye mix, and swirl it around until it’s dark.
- Add a little more water to the mix. Dip it a little deeper into the bowl, and swirl that around.
- Keep diluting the mixture with water and dipping your fabric deeper into the bowl (maybe 3 or 4 times all together).
- Rinse the fabric. Let it dry.

That’s it. Just make sure to wash your fabric by itself one time before you wear it - to avoid staining your other clothes.

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