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SWELLapproved Pick of the Day: Wildfox Desert Rose Dress

SWELLapproved Pick of the Day: Wildfox Dress / Tunic

We <3 …

Happy Saturday! SWELLapproved Pick of the Day:
"Drunk on Love (and Margaritas)" from Wildfox

New from Wildfox!

Wa, waaaa, wa, waaaaaaaaa, waaaaa…
Ooh, shiny things!

Sequin Tank by Vintage Havana
Sequin Heart Sweater by Wildfox

Behind the Brand: Wildfox Couture

Wildfox designer Kimberly Gordon talks about starting a business with your best friend, what’s next for the brand, and the best vintage shops in LA…

* Tell us about this whimsical line…how did you get started?
Kimberly: Emily and I were really into vintage T shirts, simple and soft and we thought it would be so amazing to make some fun, bold, simple t shirts that were vintage inspired. I have always been obsessed with other eras, so it felt really natural to do this. We found Jimmy and did a huge proposal for him and then it started!

* Designing a collection with your best friend! That sounds like every little girl’s dream job. So tell us - is it as fun as you both expected?
Kimberly: It has been very fun, a long journey with a lot of experiences. It has not always been smooth sailing and we have both grown a lot, but it was absolutely worth it and I wouldn’t do it any differently!

* You’ve been through it all…do you have any advice for young, aspiring designers?
Kimberly: To work very hard, it’s a simple thing to tell someone but a lot of people don’t work as hard as they should. Be prepared to be the last one to leave and the first one to arrive, don’t let people bring you down, be tough and ready to learn and try not to let your ego get in the way.

* It looks like you get a lot of inspiration from vintage style - so tell us, what are a few of the best vintage shops in LA?
Kimberly: We go to a movie rental warehouse that is extremely inspiring, they have almost every era. I also like American Vintage, Shabon and Jet Rag.

* We’re curious…as a knitwear designer, what do you wear to an ugly sweater party?
Kimberly: The Cosby Show should take care of that.

* So many celebs have been spotted rocking Wildfox. So who wore it best? Really.
Kimberly: All of them wear it their own way, which is what Wildfox is all about. As long as you feel happy and confident, then you are wearing it well.

* The Wildfox brand seems to be expanding into so many fun new categories: kids, swim, sunglasses…what’s up next? Wildfox Fido celeb dog sweaters?
Kimberly: I really hope not, ahah, maybe you will see some shoes ;) Fingers crossed!

Loving WIldfox’s quirky style? Check out the lookbook and shop the brand here:

Designers Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon