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Sneak Peek from next week’s Fall Style Guide… Styled by Swell. Searching to Enjoy style set, featuring Billabong, Steve Madden boots, Cleobella and Vanessa Mooney jewelry, Novella Royale, Lovers + Friends and more. See more style inspiration.

Fall inspo - colorful tote bags

Blogger Gift Guide: Jacey from Damsel in Dior.
Her polished California style is at the top of our wishlists, so we asked Jacey - what’s at the top your list this Holiday season? Her answer below…(pictured above)

- QSW Jacket: “I adore this snuggly blanket coat & it’s Americana vibe.”

- Wishbone Necklace: “I’ve always loved Gorjana! They create such great quality jewelry that makes for an excellent gift!”

- Roxy Boot: “Picture this: Tights, a dress with a sweater and these booties. Fashion Do!”

- Pipeline Book: “I’m a surfer chic at heart and get silly over coffee table books. This Limited Edition would make for a great gift for that beach babe in your life!”

View her entire wishlist here: Blogger Gift Guide

Check out more from Jacey here: Damsel In Dior

Blogger Gift Guide: Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss
Surf, style and bikinis. Yes, please! SWELL’s favorite style and fitness blogger gives a sneak peek to what’s on her Holiday wishlist…(pictured above)

- Firewire Sweet Potato: “My husband and I “share” a sweet potato. He is about a foot taller and 100lbs heavier that I am. We basically have joint custody of this board he found on Craigslist. I have SO MUCH FUN surfing on this thing, it is only natural to want one (that’s my size) so we don’t have to fight over it anymore. I love this board!”

- The Tee: “I love buying soft tees for people. Guys and girls…and who doesn’t want a vintage Ligntning Bolt Tee?”

- Board Sock: “Keeps your board protected…so stuff a stocking with a cute board sock. Bonus points for cute patterns to chose from.”

- Maxi Dress: “This is the wear anywhere, with anything, and look perfectly polished dress. Bonus points for the skinny belt included.”

- Reef Calendar: “Get this for any guy…or girl who needs motivation to do more squats.”

View her wishlist here: Blogger Gift Guide: Goldfish Kiss

Check out more from Rebekah here: Goldfish Kiss

Your September Style Guide Has Arrived…
Shop the new SWELL Catalog here: DIGITAL EDITION

Cover: Gypsy Junkies Faux Fur Vest + Insight Dress

Australia Travel & Style Guide: Fraser Island.

Pictured: SWELL maxi skirt (worn as dress)
After hours of driving on the beach, through rainforest, onto ferries, across rivers, then beach on the beach, and through more forests, you’ll find yourself at Lake Makenzie, on Fraser Island. That is, assuming you times the tides right and didn’t get bogged. Then, after sharing a few high fives for now getting stuck in the sand, you’ll get one look at that maverick that is Lake McKenzie and you’ll realize what all the fuss was about. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. The lake is pure raindrops, with soft white sand and no rivers flowing in to muck it up. Probably the work of some magical ninja koalas that feed on fairy dust and rainbows. But it isn’t all lollipops and Tooheys..watch out for the the dingos! I mean REALLY watch because you’re more likely to see a bathed backpacker than you are a  dingo. Bonus - just before you get on the ferry, you’ll drive by Double Island Point- one of the longest right breaks you’ll ever see.
To find out what you’ll be doing on Fraser Island, follow the choose your own adventure below…

Step 1: Do you have a 4WD?
Yes- proceed to step 2
No- Turn back now. Your car won’t make it, and taking a tour bus means showing up to this beautiful place with 50 other tourists.

Step 2: Did you remember food/beer?
Yes- right on.
No- What’s wrong with you? Turn back. Unless that money is burning a hole in your pocket.

Step 3: Did you bring sunscreen?
Yes- proceed to the lake! That’s it. Swim around, then drink your beer and eat your food.
No- proceed to lake, follow instructions above, subtract one beer for amateur planning, add one bottle of aloe.

Next stop…back to the Gold Coast!

About the author: Nicki is the voice inside your…SWELL emails & social networks. See more from her Australia Style & Travel Guide HERE

A Guide to the Sunshine Coast and Noosa - with Mandy from Oracle Fox!

There was no sun to be seen on the Sunshine Coast today. A perfect setting for some exploring! Lucky for me, Mandy (author of Oracle Fox) charted a course through Noosa, full of boutiques and tasty eats.

Pictured: SWELL top at the shipwreck in Dickey Beach

Mandy’s Guide to Noosa:

* Alterior Motif - A small boutique full of some of our favorite aussie and international brands, including Sass & Bide and Cheap Monday

* Youth Culture - A really fun place to search for statement pieces, shoes, accessories. Some favorite brands you’ll find here include Wish and MinkPink.

* Noosa Longboards - Vintage boards, books and dashboard hula dolls and other retro collectables.

* Bistro C - a beachfront bistro with modern decor and creative (and healthy) food

* Sails- also right on the beach, this relaxed restaurant uses local & seasonal produce for amazingly fresh-tasting food.

* The Noosa Surf Club- for cheap eats/drink, amazing views and a local atmosphere

For more fashion, art and photography, visit http://oraclefox.blogspot.com

About the author: Nicki is the voice inside your…SWELL emails & social networks. See more from her Australia Style & Travel Guide HERE