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Blogger Gift Guide: Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss
Surf, style and bikinis. Yes, please! SWELL’s favorite style and fitness blogger gives a sneak peek to what’s on her Holiday wishlist…(pictured above)

- Firewire Sweet Potato: “My husband and I “share” a sweet potato. He is about a foot taller and 100lbs heavier that I am. We basically have joint custody of this board he found on Craigslist. I have SO MUCH FUN surfing on this thing, it is only natural to want one (that’s my size) so we don’t have to fight over it anymore. I love this board!”

- The Tee: “I love buying soft tees for people. Guys and girls…and who doesn’t want a vintage Ligntning Bolt Tee?”

- Board Sock: “Keeps your board protected…so stuff a stocking with a cute board sock. Bonus points for cute patterns to chose from.”

- Maxi Dress: “This is the wear anywhere, with anything, and look perfectly polished dress. Bonus points for the skinny belt included.”

- Reef Calendar: “Get this for any guy…or girl who needs motivation to do more squats.”

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